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Chinese Medicine takes a holistic approach to health. The treatment is focused on the whole person rather than the disease, therefore, in our initial consultation, a thorough questionnaire, careful observation and palpation (if relevant to diagnosis), in addition to feeling the pulse and looking at the tongue are carried out. In Chinese medicine, each person is unique, so treatments are tailored to suit each one of us

Acupuncture is a gentle and effective treatment, the needles are single use, sterile and extremely fine so there is usually little or no discomfort on insertion. Patients usually experience a feeling of relaxation during the treatment.

Gua-sha technique involves scraping the skin with a gua-sha tool after some oil is applied. Like cupping, this therapy increases circulation and blood flow, helping to release muscle tension, and therefore, relieving pain. However, gua-sha often reaches smaller and more superficial areas of the skin compared to cupping.

Gua-sha might leave some bruising or redness in the area. The bruising usually disappears within a couple of days.


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