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What is the point?

I always glimpse at my patients’ confused faces when I use Acupuncture points in their ankles for low back pain, wrist for shoulder and neck pain, legs for gynecology complaints and feet for headaches.

There are roughly 360 Acupuncture points in the body. These Acupuncture points are located along interconnected pathways, the so-called “meridians” through the whole body.

The most commonly used acupuncture points are on the lower arms and legs, but there are also points in the trunk, face and head. Since Chinese Medicine is a body, mind and spirit Medicine, for each Acupuncture point, there is a physical, mental and spiritual energetic function which have been discovered over centuries of clinical experience.

Have you ever wondered why you are always asked by your Acupuncturist how you did feel in yourself in the following days after treatment?

It is because a point that is used to relieve physical pain will also influence the emotional or even a spiritual level. In the same way, a point used to alleviate an emotional condition will also have an effect on a physical level…

J.R. Worsley, a Master in Traditional Acupuncture once quoted:

“If the body is sick, the mind worries and the spirit grieves.

If the mind is sick, the body and spirit will suffer from its confusion

If the spirit is sick, there will be no will to care for the body or mind.”

When choosing an Acupuncture point, determining the correct level is paramount. Patients that seek Acupuncture for purely physical symptoms might experience a quicker improvement comparing to others that seek help for an emotional or spiritual condition. However, sometimes, a simple physical pain might arise from a deeper level, this is why questioning, palpation and observation are so crucial for the best choice of points.

What is my point?

Among 360 points, there is never a boring day in the Acupuncture world.

Acupuncture points repertoire is refined with practice and experience. Some of the points are chosen by location, others by names. Some points are more versatile than others; some are selected for acute and painful conditions, other for chronic problems. Moreover, some points can be combined to create a more effective result.

The use of the appropriate Acupuncture point is crucial in the process of healing and this is why a licensed Acupuncturists take roughly four years of training.

So now, what is your point?

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